High Angle Rescue and Fall Protection Training


United States Navy; Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area, Master Station Atlantic, Detachment - Cutler Maine

On 06 August 2013, Onésimus Defense was awarded a prime contract to provide High Angle Rescue and Fall Protection Training to 19 personnel from the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic.  This customer base of first responders and communications technicians are required to climb communications towers in excess of 1,000 ft. above ground level (AGL).  This 3-day training program includes all aspects of rescue and fall protection procedures initiating with Competent Persons certification / recertification; Rescue Program Elements; Rope Theory and Knots; Secondary Systems (Rope Relay); Rope Relay Activities; Descent Control Theory; Descent Control Devices; Packaging for High Angle Rescue; Raising and Lowering Devices; Simple and Advanced Rescue Techniques; and culmination Rescue Scenario exercises.

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Jimmy Wood

Jimmy Wood is a founding principal of Onésimus Defense and serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. As a defense industry leader, his experiences range from decades of service in providing defense program management support to our nation’s elite warfighter agencies, to over twenty years of faithful service to the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve.

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