Competent Persons for Fall Protection


United States Navy; Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center (NAVSAFENVTRACEN)

On 04 February 2016, Onésimus Defense was awarded this prime, five-year IDIQ contract to provide Competent Persons for Fall Protection curriculum development, training and certification to the US Navy and US Marine Corps at training sites across the globe.  Culminating in five-day courses of instruction, this holistic training program provides curriculum, training and certification to US Navy and Marine Corps personnel who will serve as their command’s Subject Matter Experts in fall protection program management and, site survey certifications, and will serve as the climbing / rescue resident experts. This program combines the latest and most up to date safety data from within the Codes of Federal Regulations (CFRs), OSHA, ANSI and the Navy’s own Department of Navy Fall Protection Guide (May 2015 ed.) to provide the US Navy and Marine Corps with their Competent Persons for Fall Protection at each of their globally dispersed ashore training facilities.

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Brandon Erhardt

Brandon Erhardt is the senior founding principal of Onésimus Defense and serves as the company’s and Chief Operations Officer. As leader from within the security and defense industry Mr. Erhardt’s career spans 17 years of security operations, instructional services, program development and execution supporting global defense and security operations.

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